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Natural symbols and patterns are basic to human experience. For that reason, I believe that nature photography has the ability to speak more directly and powerfully to human instinct and emotion than other visual media, evoking a sense of exhilaration, serenity, wonder or mystery. The image can not succeed if it inspires no emotion. Likewise, what the viewer brings to the photograph is key to its success as a work of art. My goal as a landscape and nature photographer is to record extraordinary scenes that put people in touch with their own instinctive emotional connection with the natural world. On  those occasions when I have successfully recorded such an image, I feel that I have captured something of great value to be shared with others. I am willing to go to great lengths to make such photographs.

Four of my photographs are published as posters, Autumn Hues Along the Katy Trail (26x31), Ozark Tranquility (26x32), Summer Storm (27x34) and Great Burr Oak at Twilight (26x37). These posters are available at Art & Frame, Deck the Walls and other art and framing stores in Missouri and in other states. Summer Storm was an Award Winner at the Missouri 50 Competition“, and the black and white version was selected for the 2006 Commemorative Poster for the Columbia Festival of the Arts.” In addition, my photographs have been published by Brown Trout Publishers of San Francisco as postcards and have also appeared in calendars and other publications.

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